Prof. Bungishabaku Katho
Prof. Bungishabaku KathoDirector of Jeremiah Center
Builds strategic partnerships. Provides organizational leadership and direction to the Jeremiah Center.
Ms. Rose Ansobi
Ms. Rose AnsobiAssistant to the Director
Provides administrative support and research project support.
Mss. Negura F. Vicky
Mss. Negura F. VickyFinance Manager / Logistics
Provide human resource management and finances. Coordinates logistics during the Jeremiah Center’s workshops, seminars and field research activities.
Ms. Francine Makabo
Ms. Francine MakaboCoordinator of Faith and Society Magazine
In charge of Faith and Society magazine. Manages magazine design, coordination with contributors, and distribution.
Dr. Embati Abraham
Dr. Embati AbrahamProject Coordinator
Coordinate research project, conference, workshops, and fieldworks. Mobilizes local churches for the work of JC.
Mr. Makati D. Jean- Claude
Mr. Makati D. Jean- ClaudeYouth Coordinator
Coordinate the activities of the youth in Nyankunde and oversees all the work taking place at the center.
Ms. Dorica Asante Muriki
Ms. Dorica Asante MurikiHousekeeper
Provide cleaning services such as weeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing to the organization.
Monitoring the health of all plants and green scopes, watering and feeding plants, trimming trees, shrubs and installing landscapes and seasonal flower designs.
Prof. Paul W. Robinson
Prof. Paul W. RobinsonSenior Research Advisor
Mr. Drabu Bienfait
Mr. Drabu Bienfait Junior Research Advisor
Dr. Honoré Bunduki
Dr. Honoré BundukiResearch Fellow
Dr. Emmanuel Ndrundro Kodjo
Dr. Emmanuel Ndrundro KodjoResearch Fellow
Dr. Way Alege
Dr. Way AlegeResearch Fellow
Keith Berends
Keith BerendsUSA Representative
Chester Wood
Chester WoodUSA Representative
Dr. David Toole
Dr. David TooleUSA Representative
Bruce Buursma
Bruce BuursmaUSA Representative

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